Solid wood products

The company Countertops sro is a purely Czech production company. Our goal is to offer exclusive solid wood products in excellent quality. We try to find for customers interesting and beautiful species of trees from around the world, but with an emphasis on sustainable forest management. We always thoroughly check the origin of the wood purchased for our production.

Our offer is the widest in terms of assortment and types of offered wood species from all Czech producers and we are still looking for our customers luxury types of wood species from all continents. We emphasize the quality of our products, which undergoes a thorough output control.
Our products will give your home the charm of a natural original accessory or furniture and enrich it with its natural colors and scents. We produce only solid wood quality products based on glued boards - joints, glued with ecological natural substances.
Joints can be used in the manufacture of furniture and other interior elements such as floors, terraces, kitchen worktops, stairs, table tops, as well as small items such as cutting boards made of exotic woods and shelves made of solid wood. We are going to focus especially on table tops, we import beautiful wood from Central America - Saman or Monkey pod (Samanea saman), we are specialists in walnut joints and beautiful drawings. We strive to meet your individual requirements and welcome your questions and inquiries.